OCP Solution Provider/Reseller Program

Solution Providers help organizations design, purchase, and deploy OCP systems. Become a Solution Provider to offer these services to other companies.


If you are a company that wants to become an OCP Solutions Provider, our requirements include:

  • The capability to deliver and support OCP recognized components and/or integrated rack level solutions
  • Ensure local engineering architecture resources for customer engagements
  • Establish or maintain relationships with manufacturers of OCP products
  • Establish an OCP lab to validate and certify solutions
  • Foundation audits – sales information (quarterly) and manufacturing/delivery capability (yearly)


Community Membership + $30,000 annually

Silver Membership + $25,000 annually

Gold Membership + $20,000 annually

Platinum Membership + $15,000 annually



Please contact Steve Helvie, OCP VP of Channel Development to discover how your company can become an OCP Solutions Provider.

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