Project Chair: Steve MillsBrian Obernesser

The Open Rack is the first rack standard that’s designed for data centers, integrating the rack into the data center infrastructure, part of the Open Compute Project’s “grid to gates” philosophy, a holistic design process that considers the interdependence of everything from the power grid to the gates in the chips on each motherboard.

You can download the mechanical drawings for the v1.0 single column rack, the v0.6 triplet rack and the v1.0 PDU.

You can also download the latest Open Rack specification and the latest Open Rack design guide.

Optical Interconnect for Open Rack

Intel has submitted a design guide for OCP Open Rack adopters that provides an overview for implementing an intra-rack optical interconnect scheme that utilizes a New Photonic Connector (NPC) and embedded optical modules to deliver next generation data rate scaling and system architectural benefits.

You can download the design guide.

Deploying OCP in a Collocated Facility

Open Racks can be deployed in collocated data centers. Read this specification for more information.