Open Compute Project


Compliance & Interoperability

Project Chair: Asim Rasheed and David Woolf

As the Open Compute Project continues to grow, and as the community submits more and more content, there is a great need for a transparent and scalable approach that ensures solutions meet minimum OCP standards for compliance and interoperability and are branded as such.

The OCP Compliance & Interoperability project (C&I) will establish a framework that enables a transparent approach for qualifying solutions to become OCP branded. It will allow providers to leverage a common set of tools and processes to deliver solutions that meet OCP defined guidelines and expectations and consumers the assurance that OCP branded solutions meet those expectations. In addition it positions OCP C&I as a base certification layer that can be leveraged by communities & technologies beyond OCP.

Open Compute is changing its branding and criteria with regard to certification.

There are three new categories:

  • Inspired
  • Accepted
  • Certified (Temporaily closed; to be re-defined)

More information (including draft policy language from the Foundation) is available here.

The charter is available for download.