Open Compute Project


When we started the Open Compute Project and shared our design specifications with the community, we envisioned that you would take the designs and make efficient, scale out solutions.  Many of you have.

Another way to benefit from the Open Compute Project is to work with an Open Compute Solution Provider to design and purchase a system.

A Solution Provider (SP) can work with you to determine the right mix of OCP technologies to meet your project needs.  They can help you fully realize the efficiencies of an OCP solution by bringing together the synergies of the data center, hardware platform and application. 

When dealing with an SP, you can expect a high level of technical expertise, an efficient supply chain, and capable support services as they deliver rack level solutions for your data center deployments.

Feel free to contact our Open Compute Project Solution Providers so you can bring the efficiencies of the Open Compute Project to your data center!

Here are our Solution Providers listed in the order they joined the program:

 logo hyve

Hyve Solutions
Phone: (855) 869-6873


 logo penguin computing


Penguin Computing
Phone: (888)736-4846
Penguin Computing OCP Products


Phone: (510) 270-6111 

   CTClogo eng w1000 3

Corportation (Japanese) (English)

HPE Logo2 HP


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AirFrame product page :





Dell EMC







Edgecore Networks






 If you are a company that wants to become a Solutions Provider, our requirements include:

  • The capability to deliver and support integrated rack level solutions

  • Be an OCP  Tiered Member

  • Annual program fee

  • Local engineering architecture resources for customer engagements

  • Establish or maintain relationships with manufacturers of OCP products

  • Establish an OCP lab to validate and certify solutions

  • Foundation audits – sales information (quarterly) and manufacturing/delivery capability (yearly)

  • Actively participate and contribute to the Open Compute Project

  • Solution Provider Agreement


Please contact for more information about the Solution Provider program.