OCP Mascots and Naming Poll

At last year’s summit, we introduced a new mascot, OCPete. Characters, or mascots, are a great way to humanize and personalize a brand, and have been used successfully for over a century. We plan to build on this creative tool in order to help tell our ever expanding story.


OCPete now has a friend, and we need your help in giving her a name! Our new mascots are passionate about sharing and working together. Their mission is to help make it possible for more organizations to consume OCP gear, collaborate with the OCP community and contribute new efficient, flexible, and scalable hardware and software solutions to the OCP ecosystem. You may also see OCPete and his new friend around our website offering assistance from time to time so keep an eye out for them!


OCP Characters


So click on the following link to select your choice for OCPete’s new friend. Thanks!


OCP members help the OCP Foundation and community in many ways and we’d like to extend a special thank you to Cumulus Networks for helping make these mascots a reality.


To help us name OCPete’s friend go to:

OCP Mascots and Naming Poll