Membership Directory

If you have any questions about OCP Corporate membership or your organization's status please contact, Michael Schill (OCP Community Specialist), or Archna Haylock (OCP Community Director).

>   This page contains a list of organizations who are OCP Corporate Members.

>   Information about the benefits and requirements of OCP Corporate Membership can be found on the Membership page.

>   For general OCP questions please see the OCP Basics slide deck.


  • Alibaba

    alibaba Platinum
  • AMD

    AMD3 Platinum
  • AT&T

    ATT Platinum
  • ColorChip

    Colorchip1 Platinum
  • Cumulus

    Cumulus Networks Logo2018 Spruce2 Platinum
  • Delta

    Delta Products Corporation Platinum
  • Deutsche Telekom

    DT LOGO Platinum
  • Edgecore Networks

    EC logo new hi Platinum
  • Ericsson

    ericsson logo Platinum
  • Facebook

    Facebook logo OCP3 Platinum
  • Fidelity

    Fidelity Logo2 Platinum
  • Flex

    FlexLogo2 Platinum
  • Goldman

    Goldman logo OCP4 Platinum
  • Google

    googlelogo color 212x72dp2 Platinum
  • HYVE

    HYVE logo OCP4 Platinum
  • IBM

    IBM logo blue2 Platinum
  • Inspur

    InspurLogo4 Platinum
  • Intel

    Intel logo OCP4 Platinum
  • Inventec

    Inventec Logo3 Platinum
  • Lenovo

    Lenovo Platinum
  • Mellanox

    mellanox 3 Platinum
  • Microsoft

    Microsoft logo OCP5 Platinum
  • NetApp

    na logo vrt 2c rgb3 Platinum
  • Nokia

    Nokia Platinum
  • Nvidia

    NVLogo 2D3 Platinum
  • Penguin Computing

    pc Platinum
  • QCT

    QCT 2 Platinum
  • Rackspace

    rackspace logo CLR Platinum
  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric Platinum
  • Tencent

    Tencent Logo Platinum
  • Wiwynn

    Wiwynn LOGO with NAME Blue Green Platinum



    ADLINK logo 3 Gold
  • BigSwitch Networks

    bigswitchlogo Gold
  • Canonical

    canonical logo3 Gold
  • Equinix

    equinix Logo2 Gold
  • HPE

    HPE Logo6 Gold

    CTClogo eng w1000 5 Gold
  • Qualcomm

    Qualco2 Gold

    RITTAL RGB W Lands4 Gold
  • Seagate

    seagate2015 2c horizontal pos Gold
  • SK Telecom

    sktelecom2 Gold
  • Western Digital

    WesternDigital Inline Black Gold


  • Cisco

    Cisco2 Silver
  • Huawei

    Huawei Logo3 Silver
  • Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology

    HXT LOGO2 Silver
  • Microsemi

    Microsemi logo4 Silver
  • Radisys

    Radisys Logo2 Silver
  • Snaproute

    snaproute3 Silver
  • Verizon

    vzlogo lg2 Silver