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Our solution providers and the OCP Foundation have made it easy to identify open hardware.
The OCP INSPIRED™ mark identifies products that comply with an accepted specification. The OCP ACCEPTED™ mark identifies products that comply with accepted specifications and the design files are available. Products carrying the OCP ACCEPTED™ or OCP INSPIRED™ trademark come from licensed suppliers who warranty and support these products.  

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OCP Marketplace

Welcome to the OCP Marketplace, where you can research products, review specifications and collateral, as well as find out how to purchase OCP products. Use this tool to determine the right mix of OCP technologies to design and purchase a system that meets your specific needs.

Please note: If you see an OCP-Accepted™ or OCP-Inspired™ logo on a product page, it has been through the full approval process and has met the requirements to become recognized as an "OCP" product. If it is listed on the site, but does not have the logo, it has been submitted for recognition and is going through the approval process. If there is a product that you believe should be listed, but isn't, the supplier has not submitted their product for recognition. All products MUST go through the recognition process in order to be recognized as "OCP".

To browse or search for specifications or designs, once in the OCP Marketplace, use the menu on the left to identify the specific items you are looking for, or use the search bar at the top of the page. When dealing with our Service Providers, you can expect a high level of technical expertise, an efficient supply chain and capable support services as they deliver rack level solutions for your data center deployments.


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OCP Solution Providers

Solution Providers (SPs) work with you to determine the right mix of OCP technologies to meet your project needs, and purchase the system components. SPs can help you fully realize the efficiencies of an OCP solution by considering your data center, hardware platforms, and applications.

When dealing with an SP, you can expect a high level of technical expertise, efficient delivery, and capable support services.

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