Last year, the OCP Summit opened its doors to nearly 3,000 people and 88 members. We spoke of hardware and solutions that were available in ONE PLACE and that various industries were investing in open technologies and in OCP.


This year, with over 175 active members and 75 unique HW and SW products on the OCP Marketplace, OCP is Open. For. Business. Our Marketplace is showcasing not only open specifications (for switches, racks, servers, etc) but also OCP Accepted™ and OCP Inspired™ products available from one of our many Solution Providers. If you haven’t already, check out our Marketplace and see where you can design, build or purchase your very own OCP Solution. Find out how to recognize OCP product with our Product Recognition Program….


Early Bird Registration ends on January 20th, so take advantage of the discount and register today! General Registration will still be open until the day of the event. Click here to register now. 

2018 Summit Highlights

On Day 1 (March 20th) we have a stunning lineup of keynote speakers that will be bringing their unique perspectives to our Community, including networking and security.  Speakers like Andreas Bechtolsheim and Aneesh Chopra will provide insight and their expertise on where the future of open technology is headed and the balance required to collaborate in an open environment. Members like Facebook, Microsoft and Intel will share their stories and experiences with you. Please go to the Keynote Blog Post and check out the details!


For Day 2 (March 21st), OCP has organized over 120 in-depth engineering workshops that will give an update on current projects. Some will announce new products, others will share specifications, still others are looking for input from you on initiatives they are working on. OCP relies on collaboration from our Community, so get involved. Bring your ideas, your opinions and your expertise!


Over the next few weeks OCP will be going through each of the Project tracks and providing more details on their respective charter and associated activities in each workshop. Stay tuned!

There are still a few sponsor and exhibit opportunities available, but they are going fast. If your organization would like to attend and have a meaningful presence from which to collaborate with the industry’s best and brightest, learn more here.




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OCP Summit Track News

Thursday, February 01, 2018 · Posted by at 16:00 PM

As part of our ongoing effort to keep our OCP Community updated, we are going to be running a blog series called "OCP Summit Track News."

Each week, we will blog about one or more of the tracks at the upcoming OCP Summit (March 20-21st @ San Jose Convention Center). The information is intended to help you decide which track(s) would be best for you and your colleagues. Please register, if you haven't already, and spread the word. I encourage you to go to our Summit Schedule Page and read about all the tracks and plan your time, taking advantage of all the great speakers and topics. 
So here we go - 

Tracks 1- 3 Power, OpenRack and Advanced Cooling (hosted by RACK & POWER Project Group)

December was the one year anniversary of the release of OpenRack 2.0 Specification.  The community-driven specification, along with the leadership of Google and Facebook engineers,  introduced the option of 48VDC distribution, clarified interoperability and standardization of the 12VDC power shelf,  and added sections to cover battery backup options.   For the 2018 OCP Summit, the RACK & POWER project leads have created 3 tracks, giving summit attendees options to hear and discuss the technical aspects and ongoing work in the areas of power, cooling and mechanical.

The POWER track kicks off a joint session with the HPC project where Pengiun Computing, an early adopter of OpenRack, will explore the benefits of standardization of the AC power shelf.  The track will also cover rectifier design, power capping and scheduling with battery backup modules, and 48VDC efficiency.   

Similarly, the OPENRACK tracks will kick off this afternoon track with a discussion and recommendations for OpenRack profiles.   The track will also discuss how to achieve NEBS compliance, a look at Google’s adapter options, and insight from Rittal on rack optimization.   

The OpenRack specification defines interoperability while allowing for plenty of future innovation. Along with power efficiency, various cooling approaches are supported by the architecture. A new track this year is focused on ADVANCED COOLING.  Alibaba, the sixth largest internet company in the world, along with 3M, a global provider of industrial chemicals, and Wiwynn, a web-scale provider of OCP equipment, will each share the advances and innovation being achieved in data center cooling.    


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OCP Summit Track News: Tracks 4-7

Monday, February 26, 2018 · Posted by at 15:00 PM

As part of our ongoing effort to keep our OCP Community updated, here is the next edition of the blog series "OCP Summit Track News."

Track 4-7 (Networking)

The Networking Project in the Open Compute Project is our largest community and continues to grow at a rapid pace. In 2017 OCP launched our Marketplace where consumers can quickly find OCP Inspired™ and OCP Accepted™ products available today. Network products today represent 35% - 40% of the listed products. For the 2018 OCP Summit, the Networking Project leads have the traditional roundtable with case studies, but they have also created four Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) tracks to allow attendees to more easily identify with fellow travelers on the open source journey.   

The Case Studies & Round Table track has a very informative session planned, with both adopters and suppliers discussing all aspects of the open network. There are discussions regarding software and hardware, including the deployment of OCP gear for WIFI connectivity at the Summit itself.

The SAI & Programmability BOF will cover the details of Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) and then go into detail around the testing and load balancing needed in the solution, along with programmability of silicon used in the network. These concepts and solutions are provided to the Community by industry experts who are active contributors and want to address these requirements and collaborate on how to make them open.

The SONiC BOF will provide information about lessons learned and how to work with software for open networking in the cloud (SONiC). This track will provide real life use cases and tips on how to scale your data center for networking. There is also a session on Open Networking Install Environment (ONIE).

The Optics BOF is expanding on Andy Bechtolsheim's keynote on Day 1, discussing how 100G and 400G are being implemented today and in next generation data networks. The session includes recommendations for working with open standards software and open networking technologies.


The Telemetry BOF will cover open networking telemetry and analytics with a demo of FBOSS running on the Wedge100 and attendees will here from Alibaba on their deployment of SONiC.

As you can clearly see, the Networking Project has been busy with more initiatives and new forms of collaboration. Subgroups have formed as their discussion warrants more time and attention. To get familiar with this project group, please subscribe to the Networking mailing list and familiarize yourself with their Networking Charter.

To make the most of your time at the 2018 OCP US Summit, please go to our online scheduling tool and get started today! And if you have not registered yet, go here to make sure you don’t miss out!





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OCP Summit Track News: Tracks 8-10

Wednesday, March 07, 2018 · Posted by at 15:00 PM

As part of our ongoing effort to keep our OCP Community updated, here is the next edition of the blog series "OCP Summit Track News."

We’re not just hardware engineers…. In fact, this year marks our 5th anniversary of having software-related products and projects in the OCP community. Beginning in 2013, the Open Network Installation Environment (ONIE) became the first software-related contribution to OCP. In 2014, Open Network Linux (ONL) was added to the OCP portfolio, follow by SONiC & SAI, and OOM in subsequent years. For the 2018 OCP Summit, attendees will find numerous embedded software projects being discussed in many of the tracks, along with a few new projects being launched this year!

Track 8: Hardware Management

In 2017, the HARDWARE MANAGEMENT project, working with DTMF and the Redfish management spec, began the diligent work to define a management profiles for OCP servers, storage appliances, network switchgear, power conversion devices and other remotely managed controllers. This project is working across the other projects to define management profiles for each of type of device. The end goal will achieve a standardized HW management interface for OCP devices, regardless of supplier. In the morning portion of the track, you can find out more about DTMF and their efforts from Broadcom’s Hemal Shah, HPE’s Jeff Autor and Intel’s John Leung. Jeff and John will also go into more detail about the Redfish profiles that they are working on in this group. has developed a BMC Mezzanine card and development platform that they will share with the audience and Tidal Scale Inc will discuss more flexibility in the data center with software-defined servers and their implementation of Redfish. The afternoon brings with it 2 case studies in HW Management - one from Facebook on multi-host NIC Management and one from Alibaba on PSU Management in the rack. Both will be informative and provide unique perspectives from industry leaders.

All in all, a full day of interactive conversation and loads of ideas for collaboration in this track. Plan your schedule accordingly.

Track 9: OpenBMC

Following a day 1 panel discussion on the journey to create open firmware, this track is dedicated to further discussion on open sourcing BMC firmware . IBM, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, and Google will each present their work streams on OpenBMC. Each company has invested quite alot of time and resource into their own implementation of BMC and now are working together to make OpenBMC available to everyone.

Track 10: Security and System Firmware

This afternoon session is must for everyone involved in system firmware.

Recognizing the opportunities to collaboration on security initiatives, Google and Microsoft are co-leading this new OCP project to define a means of providing a root of trust for the hardware and mutable firmware as these devices transit the chain of custody. Opportunities exist to share each companies learnings and for the entire community to collaborate to define an architecture to address current and new security threats. The recommendations and standards that will be defined and detailed by this project are expected to proliferate across the OCP Server, Storage, and Networking projects.

OCP has also launched the Open Systems Firmware project this year. Systems Firmware, aka BIOS, is the last frontier and most challenging piece of firmware yet to open source. Co-incidentally this project is also led by Microsoft and Google with people from AMD, Facebook, Intel, Horizon Computing, and Two Sigma already involved. Co-lead Ron Minnich (Google) brings his expertise on Linux to this project, and members have already demonstrated how the open sourced LinuxBoot can replace portions of the firmware image. The work ahead will be challenging, but this team has assembled the braintrust to meet that challenge.

Both project communities are well underway in defining charters, governance and work stream priorities and the entire OCP community is welcome to get involved and join their weekly meetings.

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OCP Summit Track News: Tracks 11-14: Servers, HPC & Storage

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 · Posted by at 1:00 AM

Hello Summit Attendees!!
We are winding down to the week before Summit. Our Summit Engineering Workshop Tracks continue to grow. They are jam packed with content and ideas ripe for collaboration. Please plan your Summit experience with the following tracks in mind....
Our Server Community is one of our largest communities with lots of subgroups and activities. This is apparent in the topics of these 3 tracks. 

Track 11: Servers

Track 11 will focus on current activity in our Server group - from current and emerging standards to expanding life cycles of servers, you will hear from many experts in the area of open server design. Another feature of the Server Project Community is the fantastic team work that is going on around NIC Cards design and interoperability. What a great way to see what the subgroups are working on and how to get involved.

Track 12: New Servers & GPU

Track 12 bring the future of open design. In Deember, Microsoft opened up its Project Olympus design to OCP with over 15 contributions that span most of our project communities. This track focuses on some of those contributions but also other specs that have been in the works from Facebook. These specs are now bearing fruit with products like Tioga Pass, Big Basin, Yosemite and Twin Lakes. You will hear from suppliers and Facebook about what's new in the world of servers and GPUs.

Track 13: HPC High Performance Computing

Our HPC Project Community has recently undergone a major change. With new leadership and a revamped charter, this group is getting ready for prime time. We start this track with a joint collaboration session with the Rack & Power Team. There is a lot of good work going in the Rack & Power community that directly impacts the HPC community so OCP wanted to give these 2 groups an opportunity to partner. We will discuss PCIe Gen4, OpenCAPI, Gen-Z and other topics relevant to the HPC applications.
Our Storage Community is doing so much within the OCP Community .THere are several joint developments underway!

Track 14: Storage

Between Facebook's contribution of Bryce Canyon specs to OCP, Health Chain Management API and the Hybrid SMR initiatives, there is so much going on in the Storage group. Intel, Microsoft and Rackspace will discuss their own solutions for open storage, while SK Telecom will talk about storage in their infrastructure. Companies like Google, Seagate and WDC will explore the Hybrid SMR initiative in detail. So much to hear about and so much to learn.

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It is the week before the OCP Summit. If you have not registered, please do so ASAP. You would hate to miss the opportunity to hear some of the industry’s foremost thought leaders and experts talk about their open products, the trends they are driving in the open source community and witness the changing landscape of the cloud.


Our last Summit Track News blog brings details about our Telco and Compliance and Interoperability Projects and a new segment called Adoption Stories. Read on to see what these communities and adopters have been working on! 


Track 15: Telco

This community is one of our fastest growing and contributing communities. Market research also confirms this industry is projecting a fast pace transition to open hardware.  They have started exploring the fringes of the cloud - literally at the edge. Nokia will talk about the deployment of OCP gear in their infrastructure, SK Telecom will talk about hardware monitoring and ADLink will showcase their edge computing solutions. You will hear about other open source organizations like MEF and CORD. Companies like Radisys, AT&T and Marvell will provide insight on the Universal Customer Premise Equipment and Passive Optical Networks and how to use CORD and ONAP on OCP equipment. This track is so packed with leading edge technology and this Community has really changed the pace of collaboration. I encourage you to listen in and get to know how this group is making trends.


Track 16: C&I (Compliance and Interoperability)

C&I is often underestimated but is extremely critical in an open environment. How the OCP hardware interacts with open source software is imperative. Working with sister organizations like the Linux Foundation, our suppliers can truly provide an open solution. University of New Hampshire's Interoperability Lab provides open communities like OCP, LF, CORD, ONF and others a place where we can perform plugfests and interoperability testing. The results are extremely valuable to the contributors and adopters, alike. Suppliers rely on these platforms to understand how to improve their products and processes and then bring them back to the community to share. The last session in this track is just such an example where Wiwynn will discuss DRAM manufacturing test results with the open community.


Why OCP? 


Track 17: Adoption Stories

This track is geared towards the business development and sales crowd. It answers the question - "Why should I adopt OCP?" You will hear from two adopters of OCP Solutions - Arctic Circle and Adobe. They will explain why OCP was selected and how it has benefitted their bottom line.


Track 18: IHS Markit Results

For those that missed our blog, check it out here. Read this first and then come hear about the actual results of this study. "2017 OCP YoY growth from non-board member companies was 103%." What do we mean by non-board member companies? These are companies that do not sit on the OCP Board. OCP has reached higher, striving beyond expectations, scaling across platforms, markets and geographies. Here you can find the details of the study and start to understand the strength and impact of OCP.  If you are not yet a member and are wondering if you should join, here is a good place to learn why.


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